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the faqs

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Please use 30 Arbor Street Hartford, CT 06106 in your GPS

Upon arrival compact cars may park right in front of the main entrance of the
building whereas larger cars may park in the lot to the right of the building

Use the main entrance to access the building-the code for the door will be provided 24 hours before your booked day and time. 

Upon entering the building get onto the elevator and press 2 for the second

When you get off of the elevator you will go down the hallway to the left go and
go through the door at end of the hallway and into the next door.

Once you have gone through that 2nd door turn left until you reach the end of
the hallway then turn right and go through the door. When entering this hallway
walk straight until you must turn left and look for door 224 on the right.

Signage for our space with arrows will be available as soon as you get off the

Your Arrival

watch the video on entering the building

cancellation & refunds

No cancellations or refunds will be given. You can reschedule up to 14 days before your booking and receive a studio credit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Clients must return the studio in the same order and cleanliness outlined in the contract. If it is not, a minimum $200 incidental/cleaning fee will be billed to the client’s credit card within 24 hours along with an email with photo/video evidence.

No smoking, non-prescription or illegal drugs are allowed at anytime in or outside of the studio.


getting in

When your booking is confirmed we will send you a 4 digit code to enter on the key pad on the door of the studio. This code should not be shared with anyone.


We do require proof of insurance and you will be able to link to a copy at the time of signing the contract. If you need insurance you can get a policy in minutes through Thimble, click here to get a quote.

included in the rental

Check out our studio page for everything that is included, we have plenty of items for use and a speaker for music to get into your creative vibe. 

other rentals

Rentals need to be delivered + picked up same day. We cannot hold any rentals for you, rentals must be delivered and picked up within your rental time.


Communication is the best policy. We want to encourage to communicate with us. We appreciate honest communication + a fair opportunity to figure things out should any issues arise.


We would love to feature you and the magic you create in our space! Please e-mail us your beautiful branding and photography sessions so we can share.


The Apiary Co is available for rent for 1 Hour $100, 2 hours $160, 4 hours $320, 6 hours $460, 8 hours $620 7 days a week.